Last week, we got the confirmation that Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are totally done. They called off their engagement and broke up. I tend to believe that they were “on a break” for months, still seeing each other sometimes, but exploring their options in general. That seems to be over now, and they’re totally done. So what’s next? Twigs is off doing her Twigs thing (making music, dancing, touring), but what will Rob do with himself? I don’t know. But E! News thinks he’s leaning on his friend (with benefits?) Katy Perry. From E!: Considering Katy Perry’s faulty “picker,” I think she’s probably never considered Rob as boyfriend material because he’s too normal and seems like such a nice guy. You know what I mean? She only gets hot for douchebags. But maybe she’s changing (here’s hoping). Because I wouldn’t mind Katy and Rob finally getting together for-real. She digs English guys, he likes American girls. He’s cool with dating someone who is super-famous. She desperately needs to break her douchebag cycle. Give it a chance, you two!