Some of you accuse of me of putting too much stock in tabloid reporting. I am gullible about gossip sometimes, in that I usually believe the worst about people and, obviously, I am the target market for tabloids. So it’s a rarity for me to say that I really think all of the tabloids are full of it about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes at this point. Eva was pregnant for MONTHS without anyone revealing the secret. We know that Eva and Ryan welcomed a daughter, I guess, but no one has come forward and revealed the name. How is it possible that a “source” is close enough to Ryan and Eva to describe how they cried when their daughter was born, and yet that source won’t tell us the baby’s name? Sure, I’ll believe that Ryan cried when he held his daughter. Because that’s an educated guess – most men and women are extremely emotional when they hold their babies for the first time. That would be like a “source” saying, “Ryan touched his daughter’s little fingers.” OF COURSE HE DID. Tell us the name, “sources”!!! Oh, and do you think she got Eva’s coloring? Probably. Ryan’s mom and sister were also spotted at Ryan and Eva’s home this week – go here to see photos.

E!: Ryan Gosling was in tears when he saw his daughter for the first time