Prince William doesn’t wear a wedding band/ring. He never has worn one, and he doesn’t own one. Some say he never wore a ring because of his job as a pilot. Some say it was because he just doesn’t like jewelry. Some say it was a shady choice, in general. But now that we’re getting closer to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, we’re learning that Harry plans to wear a wedding ring. Good for him! I would think that Meghan would have insisted upon it, plus Harry likes to wear some man-jewelry. I keep forgetting that Meghan’s engagement ring is yellow-gold and not white-gold. So the Welsh yellow-gold band will look good with the engagement ring, and I would think that Harry’s wedding band will probably be yellow-gold too. But who knows, maybe he’ll go in a different direction. I get that many men and women don’t have strong opinions either way about men wearing rings, but I still like the fact that Harry is going to wear one. He wants the world to know that he’s “taken.” It’s sweet.

E!: Prince Harry is going to wear a wedding ring, unlike his older brother